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Top Trending Interior Colors for 2020

Every season brings a new wave of trends in color. As you premiere painters in Lexington, MA, the team at Target Painting understands that color choice for the interior of your home is a big decision. With a simple coat of paint, you can transform any room in your home. From what we’ve seen thus far, the following are a few of the top trends in home interior painting schemes for 2020.

Pretty in Pink

Yes, that’s right, pink is coming in hard for the number one spot this upcoming year. However, we’re not talking about bright, in your face pink. Soft, pastel, rosy hues of pink such as Benjamin Moore’s First Light are perfect as an accent or full-color walls in any room. Replacing those old beige walls with the subtle hint of this color will bring warmth to any room.

Furthermore, the Aura paint line provides homeowners a matte finish that will eliminate or lessen reflective qualities. By doing so, you’ll enhance the soft effect throughout rooms with less natural light. So, if you’re considering adding a bit of color, but not too much, this trend is right in line with your requirements.

Beautiful Bold Blues

On the other end of the spectrum, we see deep, bold, blue hues entering the palette as well. The extraordinary color these bold hues bring is a perfect complement to neutrals and pale pink accents. Even though the color will demand attention when you enter the room, colors like Sherwin-Williams Naval create a sense of deep relaxation. Thus, this is the perfect color for bedrooms and living rooms alike.

Natural Color Schemes

Here we’re going to take a detour off of a particular color and focus on a group of colors. Schemes that bring the great outdoors inside are trending in a big way. For example, Behr’s Moss Print is the perfect earthy green for walls in a room with plenty of plants and neutral colored flooring and furniture. Colors such as beige, brown, and shades of gray create a sense of natural outdoors relaxation. In fact, Behr recently announced its 2020 color of the year to be Back to Nature. Calm, gracious, and balanced.

With the colder months nearing, fall is the perfect time to spruce up your indoor living space. Call Target Painting today and schedule your in-home consultation. Our team has earned the reputation of the premier painters in Lexington, MA due to our focus, attention, and care we’ll provide. Contact us today to learn more!

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