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How to Paint Your Commercial Business Exterior

Your company’s building is more than just home to your business—it’s another way to attract the attention of customers. So when it’s time to build a new building, or renovate an existing one, how can you ensure that your building gets attention? The answer is simple: make sure the structure’s exterior paint fits your business.

Make sure the paint you use is perfect for an exterior. Interior paints won’t stand up to the harsh elements as well as exterior paints. A reliable contractor will be able to help you find the right kind of paint easily.

Consider the area where your building is located. Are you in a historical or business park district that requires specific aesthetic guidelines? If so, you need to consider these guidelines before choosing paint colors. If there aren’t any rules on design, you should still think about the surroundings—do you want to stand out, or fit in with the community?

What message do you want the color of your building to send? Colors are associated with a variety of emotions and messages, so you want to make sure that your building colors align with the point of your business.

  • Orange usually represents low prices and bargains
  • Red stimulates appetite, which is why it’s popular for restaurants
  • Green makes people think of healing and wellness
  • Brown shows professionalism and a trustworthy place.

You should also consider the contrasting colors, such as trim and doors. These are an excellent opportunity to use the colors from your business’s logo and branding so that your marketing efforts extend to the building itself.

Whatever colors you choose, you need to make sure that the painting process is safe for you, your employees, and your customers. If painting needs to happen during business hours, make sure that all the supplies are secured, and there is a safe and well-marked entrance into the building. When you hire a reliable painting company to help with this job, the safety is assured.

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