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Painting Brick: The Do’s & Don’ts of Exterior Painting

Up until now, most of our discussions have been about exterior painting siding or even wood. But have you ever thought about painting brick? Some people turn their nose up to painting it – they say it’s meant to be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing on its own. To that, we say “eh.” Some brick does look classic and stately on its own, but it can also look dingy and dark. Here we’ll discuss what it’s like to paint brick, and whether or not you should.

Don’t Use Latex Paint

Latex paint is primarily used for exterior painting on siding or wood, but we recommend against using it for brick. Instead, you want to choose a product that’s designed specifically for the job at hand. Some may argue that you’re looking for more of a stain than a paint. Regardless, using traditional latex paint guarantees it will chip rather quickly.

Do Prepare Your Surface

Just because you’re not using traditional materials, doesn’t mean you can skip traditional steps! Some things just have to be done, no matter what you paint with. It’s essential to clean the brick to remove any super loose particles and to get any excess dirt that will keep you from that smooth, professional surface. We also recommend removing any shutters and covering shrubbery.

Don’t Forget the Second Coat

Since you’re painting a surface as large as your home’s exterior, using a spray system followed by a roller will save you time. Using spray allows you to cover more area in a small amount of time, but backrolling allows you to get nice even coverage, which is important when painting brick because it probably has some nooks and crannies. If you have really deep spots, consider filling them with caulk. This prevents dark shadows from making an appearance.

Painting brick can seem like a daunting task. Some may question why you’d want to paint over the classic look of brick, but it’s all about personal taste. Painted brick can be stately, welcoming, and traditional as well. Just search “white brick house,” and you’ll find it’s a common way to make your house stand out in a neighborhood of neutral earth tones. For more information about exterior painting, call (877) 646-8274 – we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

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