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Benefits of Exterior House Painting

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Now that New Englanders have unburied from the long winter months, spring cleanup is next on the to-do list.  Often, the harsh winters bring unforeseen damage to the exterior of our homes.  From high winds to ice, winter elements can rip off trim, peel paint, and much more.  Although you may be known as a handyman, sometimes the services of a skilled professional can be the best route.  Moura Quality Painting & Contracting has been recognized as one of the best exterior painters in the Auburn, MA area.  If your home is in need of seasonal maintenance, consider these benefits of house painting in the Springtime.

Structural Protection

Although the sun is shining, damage can still occur to the home’s structure if left unprotected.  If your paint has chipped or peeled over the icy winter months, spring is the best time for repairs.  Extensive sun exposure can cause wood to dry to undesirable levels.  Should this occur, the integrity of your home’s frame could become compromised.  Thus leading to more significant, more expensive repairs.

Keep Pests at Bay

Similarly, if wood is left exposed and untreated, you may end up with unwanted pests.  Insects such as ants, hornets, and termites thrive on wood.  Exposed, dry wood is the perfect spot for these pests to burrow and nest.  By protecting your siding with exterior paint, you can stop a potential infestation from occurring.


Perhaps you are looking to put your home on the market within the next month or so.  Curb appeal is a huge selling factor for many potential buyers.  Often, these buyers will drive by the home before they even contact their agent for a showing.  When it comes to the real estate market, keeping the exterior of your home in tip-top shape is essential.

Budget Friendly

With the use of exterior painters, you can have a cost-effective facelift in no time at all.  Whether your home is needs a quick touch-up, or a total makeover, painting your home is one of the cheapest ways to renovate.  This budget-friendly improvement will not only improve your home’s value but also help to extend the longevity of your siding.

By hiring the experienced, and dedicated exterior painters from Moura Quality Painting & Contracting you can be sure your home will be at its best in no time at all.  Offering a variety of services from insurance claim services to house painting, the team at Moura Painting is dedicated to customer services.  Contact them today and be confident that your home is in the hands of the best exterior painters in MA (774) 2723185.

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