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Paint Finishes



Different paint finishes offer no shine, all shine, and something in-between. Commonly, the higher the shine is, the more durable the paint will be. Sheen options vary by manufacturer but share some common characteristics. As one of the best exterior and interior painters in Massachusetts, we have extensive knowledge in types of paint and finishes.

Flat or Matte

Commonly used for walls and ceilings, flat or matte paint is best for low-traffic areas. It is least reflective finish and has a velvety texture, has the most pigment, provides the most coverage, but is harder to clean. This option is perfect for hiding imperfections and offers an exceptional depth of color.


Eggshell is durable and easy to clean and is an excellent choice between high and flat gloss. It has a no shine finish with little luster, imperfections, and is a great finish for gathering spaces that don’t get a lot of scuffs. It provides hard-wearing and is commonly used on interior wood surfaces as an alternative to semi-gloss.


Semi-gloss has high resistance to moisture and is suitable for rooms where moisture and drips can stain walls like kitchen cabinets, doors, and bathrooms.


High gloss is the most durable and is easier to clean out of all the paint sheens. It is hard, shiny, and light-reflecting. Its durability allows it to stand up to multiple cleanings but is found to be too bright for interior walls and highlights imperfections. Traditionally, the best places for use are on baseboards, cabinets, moldings, doors and trim.


Satin is easy to clean and slightly less shiny than gloss, which makes it perfect for high-traffic areas such as in kitchens and bathrooms. Satin gives a silky, stain-resistant finish. It creates a protective shell that resists moisture. The biggest problem homeowners find with this finish is that it reveals application flaws, such as brush strokes so that touch-ups can be tricky.

Choosing your paint finish can be intimidating, but Target Painting is here to help. We will walk with you through every step of the process, explain to you the best options for your home, and discuss the various ways we can assist you. If you’re searching for interior or exterior painters in Massachusetts, our team will offer the ideal solution.

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