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The Difference Between Interior and Exterior Paints



Have you ever wondered why your home’s interior and exterior require different types of paint? Wouldn’t it make sense to get one kind that works for everything? The answer isn’t that simple. Exterior and interior paints perform different jobs to make your home look good. Take a look at the differences.

Exterior Paints:

These paints need to stand up to different weather conditions. This means anything from hail and snow to harsh winds or sun. A good exterior paint won’t fade or scratch n any weather.

Exterior paints contain higher amounts of volatile organic compounds than interior paints. These compounds, called VOCs, can release gasses that are harmful to inhale. Painting in a wide outdoor space won’t cause any problem, but if you use these paints in an enclosed area, you can experience severe health issues.

This paint is thicker than interior paint. This lets it stand up to rougher exterior services like wood or brick. If this paint were used indoors, the weight of the paint would look obvious, and it could peel after a while.

Interior Paints:

These paints need to stand up to abrasion. Interior paints are made for environments where there will be grease stains on the walls from leaning or touching, or even drawing on the walls from young children. Therefore, the paint needs to stand up to the scrubbing required to erase these stains.

Interior paints will stand up to indoor lighting exposure, but would not stand up to direct sunlight for years. This means that if these paints were applied to the exterior, the color would fade relatively quickly. The paint can last indoors for a long time without needing touchups or redoing.

Do you need your home painted? Whether you want the interior, exterior, or both painted, contact Moura Painting for the best options. We can make sure to use the proper paints and make sure the color lasts for a long time.

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