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Does Your Deck Need A Facelift? Ask Painting Contractors

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Even when using the most expensive and high-quality paint, eventually harsh New England winters can cause damage to your deck. An annual quick check for damage and scrub is necessary to keep your deck safe. Combined with a fresh coat of paint, can extend the life of your favorite outdoor hangout. Moura Painting can evaluate your deck, perform the repairs, and apply a new coat of paint to bring your deck back to life.

What’s The Damage?

How do you know if your deck needs to be replaced, or just repaired? The easiest way to tell is how widespread the damage is. If the rot is only in one spot, it’s likely from something like a wet plant sitting there all season. Additionally, you can repair damage caused by termites if it’s caught early. Burrows in the wood created by termites cause additional water to get in, causing damage more quickly. But if caught quick enough, the deck won’t be damaged structurally and the repairs will be minimal.

Your deck might need to be replaced if you notice significant structural damage, such as sagging in the middle, loose rails, visible rot, or “spongy” spots when you walk on it.

Repair Your Deck

Once the damage is evaluated, carpenters with Moura Painting can repair your deck and return it to its original glory. Before we apply new paint, we scrub and sand your deck to ensure the color goes on smooth. After the carpenters are done, our local painting contractors will work hard to refinish and paint your deck so you can enjoy it all season long. We use high quality, durable paints to protect your deck and keep it looking like new.

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