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Why We Don’t Subcontract our House Painting Services



Unlike many house painting companies in Massachusetts, here at Moura Painting, we employ, not contract, our team of our painters. Although, this may sound a little strange to some, we can’t think of any better way to conduct business with our customers. Even though some find advantages with cost savings, Moura Painting believes that the benefits of not subcontracting our work outweigh any and all potential negatives.

Management control

Larger businesses often subcontract work because they do not have the staff to support the demand. However, this often leads to loss of management control. At Moura Painting, we know where our employees are at all times when they are on the clock. By implementing hands-on management techniques, we can ensure jobs are completed on the schedule we discussed with the client.

Security control

Another significant benefit to hiring our employees, is that we can guarantee insurance on our jobs. By eliminating the gray area of who is on the job, and what type of business ethics they possess brings peace of mind to our customers.  We are always transparent with our customers, and promise the highest levels of service and house painting skills!

Quality control

We are a business that prides ourselves on superior customer service combined with the latest products. Through continuous industry seminars, our team is up to date on the latest techniques and trends, as well as products that provide you with results that exceed any expectations.  With on-site managers, our company standards will always be met while providing nothing less than perfection with the end results.

Instead of Googling, “house painting near me,” and choosing a business on a whim, take the time to get to know the professionals at Moura Painting. With decades of experience, we’ve become known as the superior painting company in Massachusetts because we follow all the steps to ensure it. Refusing to subcontract our work is just one of the many benefits of working with a company like ours.

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