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Getting The Most From Your Exterior Painters



Moura Quality Painting & Contracting is a full-service residential and commercial painting company specializing in exterior painting in Auburn, MA, and surrounding cities. We have carefully assembled a team of skilled, trustworthy, in-house painting and carpentry professionals dedicated to serving our clients with home renovation n

With spring making its appearance in New England, and several of us stuck at home, the honey-do lists are in full swing! One of the biggest undergoing that a homeowner can take on is the exterior of their home. From painting to siding, lawn maintenance to pruning, curb appeal is everywhere you look. Although some of these projects may seem a bit damaging to the budget during these times, investing in quality exterior painters is worth your while. Not only is a poorly painted home unsightly, but if left unattended, but it can lead to more costly structural damages – like rot. However, knowing how to prep your home for painting and care for it after will extend the life of your exterior for years to come.

The length of time that exterior paint will last depends on where you live. For example, stucco homes will have longer-lasting exterior paint in cooler temperature climates, while wood homes require more frequent attention. Wood trim or siding on a house typically fades within three years due to sun exposure. The darker the color of the paint, the more sun and heat absorbs, which causes fading to occur. Likewise, lighter colors will last longer.

The average home requires repainting of some measure every 7-10 years based on building materials and weather patterns.

One of the biggest reasons for paint to peel or chip is if fresh paint is applied over already painted surfaces. The old paint can divide or become divided into layers under the new paint. Thus, peeling may occur. By painting over dirty, flaky, or moldy surfaces, the paint’s ability to adhere to the surface is weakened. These imperfections leave an uncertain future, prone to flaking and chipping.

Surface preparation is one of the most crucial steps for exterior painters. Overlooking or rushing through the process may compromise the integrity of the paint.

The labor involved in preparation depends on the home’s condition. However, there are general steps that most homes require. First, loose paint should be scraped off or stripped, and a primer should be utilized. Using a primer beneath the topcoats of color acts as a base coat which helps to smooth any surface imperfections. Furthermore, the primer also improves paint adhesion, making paint less prone to bubbling, flaking, or chipping. After your prep is adequately completed, several coats of paint should be applied to help for a longer-lasting finish.

Compromised paint leaves your home susceptible to rot, insects, water damage, and other costly events.

By hiring a team of experienced, professional exterior painters, you can have peace of mind that your paint application is in good hands. Why is this so important? Properly applied paint acts as a barrier between your home and, well, everything else outdoors. Unpainted or exposed areas of your home are vulnerable to damage such as rotting, mildew, and weathering.

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