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Give Your Home a Makeover with Painting Contractors

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Over time, your home can show signs of aging, just like people! But since you live there, it may be hard to notice until it’s glaringly apparent. When this happens, it can seem like everything’s falling apart at once. But don’t worry! Employing the work of painting contractors like the professionals here at Moura Painting can help you complete your home improvements and renovations.


Although you may be quick to want to fix the problem on the surface, it’s better to fix the root of the problem to prevent it from recurring. To accomplish this, our expert staff can perform top of the line rot repair, gutter replacement, windows, and door repair to get your home feeling safer and looking better from the inside out.

Seasonal Maintenance

Even if you take care of your home, it’s easy for the weather to do some damage, no matter the season. The hot summer sun can cause the wooden siding to crack and paint to chip, and the winter storms can cause water damage. We can fix this and make your home as good as new. These services include deck refinishing, siding replacement, and basement repair.


Once the root of the problem is identified and repaired, now you can fix it aesthetically. Our painting services range from interior and exterior to more extensive, commercial projects. Each job will be completed by a team of our expert staff that will take care to prep the area. Further, we use only the highest quality paints and primers, so you know it’ll last.

Here at Moura Painting, we want our customers to trust us to get the job done from start to finish. Choosing the work of painting contractors eliminates the need to hire various companies for a single project, and can make things much more cost effective and efficient. So regardless if you need carpentry, seasonal maintenance, or painting services, we have your back. Call us at (774) 2723185 to schedule a makeover for your home!

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