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How to Properly Use a Power Washer On Your Home

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Spring is here and it’s about time to start preparing our homes for the summer season. If you plan on or have invested in house painting with a Moura Painting, we want ensure your siding is cleaned thoroughly without hurting your siding. Being one of the best exterior painters in Massachusetts, we want to help our clients protect their high-end services with these few tips as they power wash their home.

Apply soap with low pressure. Many homeowners believe power washers will wipe away all their grime with ease, when it often times takes some time and work to get a spotless look. Many machines are equipped with soap dispensers, and its important to apply this soap on a low setting and allow it to sit before washing clean.

Use fanned nozzle. Unless you’re dealing with dried, caked on mud or other dense substances, you should try to avoid a narrower pattern. Narrow nozzles can damage your siding and paint because of the intense PSI being used in a single stream.

Do not use at a steep, upward angle. Though pulling out the ladder might seem like a hassle, it’s worth it when you power wash your home to get to those hard to reach places. Not only can you put moisture under your siding by aiming upward, the pressure can lift the siding away from your home. It’s best to use a power washer at eye level, pointing straight.

Be cautious around windows, doors, and other openings. As to avoid water damage and other problems to your home, to not force water into or around the openings on your home. Not only can this hurt the integrity of the structure, it can cause other mold and moisture related problems down the road.

If you’ve been thinking about house painting, but are scared of prepping your home for the work, Moura Painting are the exterior painters that can help with the job. Our high-end services start with a great base to paint on, and we’re more than willing to help. To learn more about our services, give us a call today at (775) 2723185.

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