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Step by Step House Painting

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With an increase in HGTV’s popularity, it’s no wonder that every homeowner is diving head first into DIY projects. But before you dive into house painting, consider the benefits of hiring expert painters like us at Moura Painting to do the job for you. By taking the appropriate steps, we can assure a long life of protection and color for your exterior paint job.

Step One: Clean & Scrub

The most important thing to do is to clean the outside of your home. Even if you regularly perform this anyway, do it again before painting. The paint needs a clean, smooth surface to stick to. Additionally, the next step is to sand – and that’s much easier to do if you’re not trying to sand off years of grime.

Here is where it may be beneficial to hire the professionals here at Moura Painting for your house painting. The most effective way to clean your home is with a pressure washer. But if you’re unfamiliar, you can accidentally break windows or cause some severe damage. It’s best to leave pressure washing to the pros and use a scrub brush if you’re doing this yourself.

Step Two: Sand, and Sand, and Sand Again

After thorough brushing, next is sanding. If your home was built before 1978, you’d want to have the paint tested for lead. If the test comes back negative, you can sand off any peeling, bubbling, or blistered paint while only using a dust mask and tarp. But if there is lead present, you have to take extra precautions to protect yourself and the environment.

Step Three: Paint… Finally!

Once the surface is cleaned and sanded, you can begin to paint – kind of. You first have to apply primer to help the paint stick. Most homes work well with an acrylic primer, but oil based will be necessary on redwood or cedar homes. After the primer is applied, you can start to paint your house.

Stressed yet? Just think – all of the above steps must be repeated after every layer of paint! Although house painting may seem like an easy solution to brighten up your home, you may have bitten off more than you can chew. Consider calling us at (774)2723185 for a professional, high end finish every time!

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