Paint Finishes

Different paint finishes offer no shine, all shine, and something in-between. Commonly, the higher the shine is, the more durable the paint will be. Sheen options vary by manufacturer but share some common characteristics. As one of the best exterior and interior painters in Massachusetts, we have extensive knowledge in types of paint and finishes. Flat or […]

The Difference Between Interior and Exterior Paints

Have you ever wondered why your home’s interior and exterior require different types of paint? Wouldn’t it make sense to get one kind that works for everything? The answer isn’t that simple. Exterior and interior paints perform different jobs to make your home look good. Take a look at the differences. Exterior Paints: These paints need to […]

Types of Paint

As a go-to painting contractor in MA, Moura Quality Painting & Contracting knows all there is about various kinds of paint necessary to make your home or commercial space look fantastic. Though we know the ins and outs of this business, we’d love to share some basic information with our customers. Primer Primer protects the […]

Getting The Most From Your Exterior Painters

Moura Quality Painting & Contracting is a full-service residential and commercial painting company specializing in exterior painting in Auburn, MA, and surrounding cities. We have carefully assembled a team of skilled, trustworthy, in-house painting and carpentry professionals dedicated to serving our clients with home renovation n With spring making its appearance in New England, and […]

Why We Don’t Subcontract our House Painting Services

Unlike many house painting companies in Massachusetts, here at Moura Painting, we employ, not contract, our team of our painters. Although, this may sound a little strange to some, we can’t think of any better way to conduct business with our customers. Even though some find advantages with cost savings, Moura Painting believes that the […]

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring an Exterior Painter

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But if you’re honest with yourself, you do. Especially when the cover is an old, peeling exterior paint job on a house. It just doesn’t leave a good impression. When your exterior starts to look shabby, you start looking for the best exterior painters near […]

Benefits of Exterior House Painting

Now that New Englanders have unburied from the long winter months, spring cleanup is next on the to-do list.  Often, the harsh winters bring unforeseen damage to the exterior of our homes.  From high winds to ice, winter elements can rip off trim, peel paint, and much more.  Although you may be known as a […]

Give Your Home a Makeover with Painting Contractors

Over time, your home can show signs of aging, just like people! But since you live there, it may be hard to notice until it’s glaringly apparent. When this happens, it can seem like everything’s falling apart at once. But don’t worry! Employing the work of painting contractors like the professionals here at Moura Painting can […]

Painting Contractors Hidden Talent

Here at Moura Painting, we’re a team of experts in a variety of areas. Although our name might be misleading, our staff of professionals can do a lot more than paint. From small odd jobs to home renovation projects, we can help our clients build their dream homes with a staff full of painting contractors. What’s […]

Benefits of Full Time Painters

When you Google “exterior painters near me”, you might find a slew of companies in the area that offer their services at an inexpensive price. It isn’t until many of these companies quickly walk your property, you learn that they subcontract their work to others to keep up with their high demand. Target Painting knows […]